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IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT AND THE POWER of the 20Plenty Club you will really be thrilled to discover that the Famous50 Club is available to any and all 20Plenty members who wish to join it. It works exactly the same way, and has the same structure, as 20Plenty. We suggest that you take $50 of the cash you have generated with 20Plenty and use it to join Famous50. In fact, you would be smart to see whether all of the original people you brought into the 20Plenty Club want to advance to Famous50 with you, so you can have the greatest and most rapid impact with our top-level program. 

You know from the 20Plenty Club that we suggest each member find three other people to join. If you do this with Famous50, your name will be on 729 lists all around the country, and 729 people would be sending you a $50 gift for a total cash potential of $36,450. Naturally, if you find more than three to join Famous50 with you, the cash generated can be substantially more.

Want to be famous? Join the Famous50 Club and then tell everyone you know to do the same thing! When you can show someone the way to a financially secure future, you'll have a friend and fan forever!

IN ORDER TO JOIN the Famous50 Club please contact us so we can send you the invitation sheets. We can send them by US mail, email, or fax. You can send us an email using, or phone us at 1.800.800.0171 or 612.239.0970.  Alternatively please click below to open and print the two pages of the Famous50 Club membership invitation, then complete the short sign-up form and mail it to us at the office address shown at the bottom of the invitation second page.

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There is still a big place in today's marketing world for direct mail.  Believe it or not, everybody has a physical address, and everybody still gets postal mail, delivered by the US Postal Service.  In fact, you may be surprised to know that when something comes in the mail with a real stamp on it, it gets OPENED!  (While e-mail ads are getting ignored, NOT opened, and DELETED.)  Taking advantage of FREE STAMP FREEDOM is entirely optional, of course, but why not use it to enable your successful marketing to people all over the USA who are not only anxious to open your mailed envelope, but eager to respond to it?  Like we said, you could be in for a BIG surprise!  Your information on the FREE STAMP FREEDOM add-on program can be sent to you by mail, email, or fax, or you can download and print your own copy RIGHT HERE.

Direct Mail always works!


CONTACT US:  1.800.800.0171  or

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